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About Cam Ralph

Cam Ralph is an actor and voice actor based in Sydney Australia, represented by MCSM and EM Voices.


Born and raised in Sydney, Cam's childhood was spent bouncing off the walls, imitating his favourite

characters and performing silly sketches for anyone and everyone. His idols were Robin Williams and

Jim Carrey, both of whom he felt were hilarious, silly and absolutely boundless with energy, just like him.


Cam has performed in several award-winning short films, including Svengali, Men of Ice, Last Call for Us

and Fusion. He has also lent his voice to many film and TV productions such as Giggle & Hoot, FriendZSpace, Tashi, 100% Wolf, Oh Yuck! and The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill, becoming such memorable characters

as Blinky Bill, Giggle Fangs, Hoot Pa, Bedford the Bed Bug, Zit Oozer, Swisse, Camp Ned and many more.


He has tread the boards in various stage productions too, including Managing Carmen,The Mona Lisa Five,

Death in the Pantheon, Avenue Q and the 2017 Short and Sweet Sydney Festival's "Production of the Year":

Out of the Woods, which he co-wrote/starred/directed with his close friend Brenton Amies.

Cam has also performed as lead in many TV commercials for clients such as

KFC, Arnotts, Pine o Cleen, Shopback, Youfoodz, Hydralyte, Molemap, MYOB, TMGM and many more.

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+61 422 022 006

Mike Cotton-Stapleton (Agent)

Voice portfolio of Cam Ralph, represented by EM Voices
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Sydney : + 61 2 9369 5700

Rachel Cousins (Agent)